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Slot Payouts - Illinois, Indiana and Colorado - Report #2B

1 October 2001

By Gayle Mitchell

In the second part of this report, we offer an expanded version of slot payouts %'s in Illinois, Indiana and Colorado as per the Gaming Commissions, along with casino/regional names by slot denominations. These payouts are for one month only. I suggest you utilize this additional information along with the Slots Reports over a period of months to better determine your casino selections. Includes all slots--video poker, keno and slot versions.

ILLINOIS: Note: following slot % payouts are by casino and denomination in descending order.

Casino Payout % Denomination
Alton Belle 92.3 Nickels
Rock Island 92.3  
Casino Queen 92.1  
Par-A-Dice 91.9  
Players 91.3  
Hollywood Aurora 90.6  
Empress Joliet 88.6  
Harrahs Joliet 88.4  
Casino Queen 94.6 Quarters
Alton Belle 94.4  
Rock Island 93.6  
Par-A-Dice 93.3  
Empress Joliet 92.8  
Hollywood Aurora 92.7  
Grand Victoria 92.6  
Harrahs Joliet 92.5  
Players 91.9  
Casino Queen 96.7 50 cents
Par-A-Dice 94.3  
Grand Victoria 94.2  
Alton Belle 93.3  
Empress Joliet 92.9  
Players 92.4  
Hollywood Aurora 91.9  
Harrahs Joliet 89.8  
Alton Belle 95.6 Dollars
Casino Queen 95.3  
Harrahs Joliet 95.1  
Grand Victoria 95.0  
Hollywood Aurora 94.8  
Empress Joliet 94.8  
Rock Island 94.5  
Players 94.3  
Par-A-Dice 94.1  
Casino Queen 97.0 $5
Empress Joliet 96.3  
Alton Belle 96.3  
Grand Victoria 95.9  
Hollywood Aurora 95.6  
Players 95.4  
Harrahs Joliet 95.4  
Par-A-Dice 94.4  
Rock Island 94.4  
Empress Joliet 96.9 $10
Players 96.7  
Par-A-Dice 95.6  
Alton Belle 93.6  
Harrahs Joliet 93.0  
Empress Joliet 99.8 $25
Casino Queen 99.5  
Hollywood Aurora 95.6  
Grand Victoria 95.6  
Alton Belle 94.6  
Rock Island 93.9  
Harrahs Joliet 93.4  

INDIANA: Note: following slot % payouts are by casino and denomination in descending order.

Casino Payout % Denomination
Trump 99.0 Nickels
Caesars 92.8  
Argosy L 92.5  
Hammond 92.4  
Blue Chip 91.7  
Majestic Star 91.2  
Aztar E 91.1  
Grand Victoria 90.6  
Harrahs 90.4  
BelTerra 90.2  
Caesars 92.6 Quarters
Trump 92.5  
Argosy L 92.4  
BelTerra 92.1  
Majestic Star 92.1  
Grand Victoria 92.0  
Harrahs 91.5  
Hammond 91.4  
Blue Chip 90.8  
Aztar E 90.7  
Trump 98.2 50 cents
Argosy L 94.1  
Majestic Star 93.7  
BelTerra 93.0  
Blue Chip 92.7  
Hammond 92.0  
Grand Victoria 92.0  
Harrahs 91.8  
Aztar E 91.1  
Caesars 90.8  
Argosy L 94.9 Dollars
Blue Chip 94.8  
Harrahs 94.7  
Majestic Star 94.6  
BelTerra 94.6  
Caesars 94.3  
Hammond 93.8  
Grand Victoria 93.4  
Trump 93.2  
Aztar E 92.3  
Hammond 97.5 $5
Majestic Star 96.1  
Argosy L 96.0  
Grand Victoria 95.9  
BelTerra 95.7  
Harrahs 95.7  
Blue Chip 95.3  
Caesars 94.9  
Aztar E 94.6  
Trump 93.6  
Hammond 100.5 * $10
Argosy L 98.0  
Aztar 95.4  
Blue Chip 95.0  
Caesars 93.9  
Hammond 101.3 * $25
Trump 100.1 *  
Harrahs 97.1  
Grand Victoria 96.3  
Aztar E 95.5  
Blue Chip 94.6  
Argosy L 94.0  
BelTerra 92.5  

COLORADO: Note: following slot % payouts are by region and denomination in descending order.

Gaming Region Payout % Denomination
Cripple Ck 93.7 nickels
Central City 93.2  
Bhawk 93.0  
Cripple Ck 94.8 quarters
Bhawk 94.7  
Central City 94.3  
Bhawk 94.0 50 cents
Cripple Ck 93.8  
Bhawk 95.4 dollars
Cripple Ck 95.4  
Central City 93.8  
Central City 96.5 $ 5
Bhawk 95.9  
Cripple Ck 94.1  

Additional notes: * Slot payouts over 100% could include a large jackpot win.

Total of all denominations for Canada are found monthly in the Slots Report. We will provide additional payout statistics re: this series of four expanded reports soon.
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